Outlook Images + MidasPrint = Orbit

Outlook Images and MidasPrint have merged to become Orbit Print Ltd.
You can now get even better printing services and products all from the same place.

The Beginning - Outlook Images

Outlook Images specialised in wide format canvas and poster printing. Later, photo gifts were added to its product range. As the business grew production was moved to a larger facility. Order processing became more efficient. Equipment continued to be upgraded. Printers became faster and finish quality became exceptional. Orders were able to be printed and dispatched same day. The level of service offered for such low prices were second to none.

Branching Out - MidasPrint

Outlook Images started to look at other areas of the printing market it could break into. Business printing products like business cards, flyers, leaflets and banners were identified as products that could be produced quickly, cost effectively, and to a high standard. At the time it was decided that the best course of action would be to offer these products under a different trading name. MidasPrint was created.

The Future - Orbit

After running Outlook Images and MidasPrint side by side for nearly two years it was identified that significant production and customer service improvements would be gained by merging the products and services offered by Outlook Images and MidasPrint - just so long as it was done well. Orbit Print Ltd has been created to do just that. You will now be able to purchase from the product ranges offered by both Outlook Images and MidasPrint from the same place - orbitprint.com.

Not only will you have access to more products, you will also have access to better products. Many more product options have been added that will allow you to better customise the products you want, product prices are now easier to find, and the order process has been dramatically improved.

We hope you'll like the improvements we've made. If you would like to provide feedback please send us an email.

Enjoy your visit.

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